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Other Events 

SCVQA offers a variety of smaller sewing events through the month. From getting a project done, learning something new, completing works for charity, or just sewing along with friends, check to see if there is an event right for you. 

Click here for the complete Events Calendar

Zoom Open Sew 

Open Sew are held twice monthly on Zoom, one weekday evening and one weekend morning. This is a casual time to chat while you sew, or listen, or do other crafts. Links to join can be found in the Newsletter and in the Calendar of Events

Quilting 101 

Quilting 101 is on hiatus due to COVID-19.

Quilting 101 is a tutorial offered by members of SCVQA to help members become more familiar with a variety of quilting techniques. It is not associated with regular workshops or visiting teachers. Q101 is not a small quilting group and members are expected to work on the project scheduled for a particular session.

Cost: The cost is $12.00 per session.

Note that Quilting 101 now has the same refund policies that govern SCVQA's monthly workshops. There are no refunds unless someone replaces you from the waiting list. And there is no fee forwarding from month to month.

When: TBD

Participants: All SCVQA members in good standing are welcome to sign up. We have openings for 30 members in every session.

Sign ups:

  • Sign ups for any Q101 session must be in person.
  • Signups for the wait list may be by telephone or email. Those placed on the wait list will be notified when a spot becomes available.
  • Sign ups for the following month's session start the day of the Q101 session at 1:30 pm after a brief demonstration by the teacher of the next Q101 session. Next opportunity to sign up will be at the SCVQA general meeting.

Saturday Quilt 'Till You Wilt

Quilt 'Till You Wilt meetings are on hiatus due to Covid-19. 

Mark your calendars to join us in for "Quilt Till You Wilt". I hope you will come for all or part of the day. It is amazing to me how much talent there is here in SCVQA, You can see some of that when we get together for "Quilt Till You Wilt". Come on down and show us what you are doing, show off a little, you deserve it and we always like to see what others are working on. If you would like to share some of your expertise with the group, let me know a month in advance so that I can post it here and give everyone a list of supplies that they will need.

So how much can you get done in a day?

Third Saturday of the Month
10 am - 5 pm
$10 per person per session

Location: TBD

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